Shamah Autism Centre (SAC)

Our services

SAC strives to provide its services by implementing the most recent scientific means and following Applied Behavior Analysis treatment style which is globally proven as the best way to treat autism cases. Expert multidisciplinary team of specialists were recruited to provide SAC services that include:


individual education plans:

In SAC, each individual is granted a unique rehabilitation plan specifically designed in accordance with his characteristics, abilities, skills, and age. These plans incorporate measurable objectives which are acted upon through individualized sessions targeting each individual needs. The intervention services predetermined at the time of individual enrollment: early intervention, school age, preinclusion, inclusion.


Behavior intervention sessions:

These sessions aim to reduce undesirable behaviors of ASD individualren and empowering them with positive behaviors and attitudes to help them acquire the necessary skills and experiences for daily life, and to foster their abilities to learn and self-defense.


Speech and communication sessions:

Speech and communication clinic offer intensive individualized treatment plans to ASD individualren to treat speech defects such as language development, not talking, difficulties in pronunciation, speech fluency and verbal expression disorders.


Academic skills development:

SAC pursues to develop the individual's skills necessary for his academic development by utilizing specialized education means to enable them to cope with scientific and professional development.


Occupational therapy:

Our occupational therapy services help ASD individualren to develop their abilities and proficiencies to help them adapt functionally and behaviorally and to allow them to be more independent. Some key skills in occupation therapy include optical- kinesthetic synergies, sensory integration, fine motor skills like writing and coloring, and personal care skills.


Physical therapy:

Physical therapy aims to enhance participation of ASD individualren in physical exercises, promote their physical activity, support their motor balance and coordination, overcome their delay in behavioral, sensory, and motor development and social networking.


Aquatic rehabilitation:

Aqua therapy is used as a medium for treating many of the functional limitations of ASD individualren, to encourage them to respond to stimuli in the environment in addition to improve their social skills by participating in group therapy sessions. Aqua therapy also helps with cognitive development by enhancing the concentration and attention span.


Pre-school skills development:

Development of knowledge ability, verbal and non-verbal communication, social interaction, involvement in recreational activities, building relationships with colleagues and exchanging social relations.


Inclusion in public education setting:

A key focus of SAC staff is to maximize the ability of ASD individualren to function and participate in the community, to reach their full potential and to be educated alongside their peers in mainstream local schools. The practice of inclusion aims to assure equal opportunities of ASD individualren with their classmates, to improve their continuous performance, increase their self-confidence, in addition to promoting social acceptance.


Community awareness:

Considering the importance of joining of all stakeholders in different fields to work together to ensure that all ASD individualren have access to appropriate and qualitative education, SAC conducts a series of initiatives and periodic activities that aim to increasing the awareness of the community about Autism Spectrum Disorder and the importance of developing programs and services provided to people with ASD and their families.


Family advocacy program:

This program offers several services to ASD individualren and their families to enable them to best adapt with their peers and community. This program includes family training sessions, inside clinic sessions, home visitations, and out-door field trips.