Why Shamah?

Why Shamah Autism Centre (SAC)?

Commitment to quality and ethics:

SAC seeks to achieve excellence in providing quality services based on high quality international operating standards. In addition, there is continuous development of programs, services, employees and rehabilitation strategies in the light of a set of standards and performance indicators. SAC performance is periodically monitored by internationally certified agencies to ensure sustainability of quality services. At the same time, SAC is committed to ethical standards as it provides its services throughout the year to ASD individuals from different nationalities integrity, responsibility, non-discrimination,

child Centeredness:

At SAC we do our best to help ASD affected individuals to better realize the life, we pursue to understand special needs of each child childly and we put them into our consideration in each provided service from the time of child enrollment and evaluating the case throughout all stages of treatment until joining inclusion program.

child Centered Approach is the driving force in SAC where child education sessions unique for each child are designed and delivered according to child’s age, degree of impairment and required intervention. We work towards meeting expectations of individuals and their families and we care about creating the opportunities to achieve the ideal environment from their point of view. Being child-centered, the interests of individuals and their families are at forefront. The overall aim of this approach is to achieve the maximum possible benefits from rehabilitation programs while taking into consideration child abilities and development throughout the program.

Family advocacy program:

Considering the integral role conferred upon families and the importance of home environment in rehabilitation of autistic individuals, we have developed family advocacy program that enable families especially caregivers to communicate their concerns and address them, and to be proactive in ensuring their child’s needs are met within the family and in the rehabilitation center. Services of family advocacy program are diverse and determined according to the status of a child and his family. At SAC, we have designed a simulation of home life by creating comprehensive home environment consisting of kitchen, bedroom, and training room. In addition, services can be provided in the form of home visitations, or field trips. This program is offered by experts in their field. Moreover, a free consultation line is available to answer families inquires and guiding them to resolve their individuals’s behavioral issues as well as supporting them psychologically and alleviating their fear.